Tuesday, November 6, 2007


This past week as been....interesting; and it's only Tuesday. So far I've begun my part time schedule at my day job and was the ungrateful recipient of a questionable haircut, more on that later.

So, I started my part time schedule this week and I do really like it but do miss the perks of my old job like chopping it up with my pals (Steph if your reading this email me, Mother T is on quarentine with my emails from home again! :)) and surfing Etsy,I've just found it odd these past few days for me to be at home working on my things. I've had the same schedule for ages (and I do mean ages, 8+ years!) True it's only been two days and I am kinda getting a little rhyme going, but it just hasn't set in yet. This will take some getting used to indeed.

On ward to the questionable haircut. So after much haggling with the strange lady that I foolishly allowed to cut my hair, I walked out of the salon not feeling like anyone should...ever! There was no pep in my step or swing with my swagger. Betrayed and bitter, I shook my fist and cursed myself for not waiting for Meagan (who gives amazing haircuts) and I bolted to my car. Of course once I got home I realized it wasn't as bad as I thought, not what I asked for...but not sooo bad. I will post a pic later, maybe a lesson can be learned from my lack of patience. Anyhoo, I've been a busy little bee making homey stuff which I'll post another time. I'll leave you with these cutie little tags I whipped up yesterday. I think their uber fun for the holidays for dressing up gifts or for using as mini note cards.

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