Thursday, December 31, 2009

Wait what?!

It's New Years Day some how. I have no clue how this happened it kinda snuck up on me. So guess who had no plans for last night? That might have bothered me a few years ago but after the holidays that kicked my ass (in the best way possible) I guess I was looking forward to a not so quiet night home. I'm also looking forward to my usual calendar hunt, and there are so many fun ones on my radar.

Not only does this cutie from Mod Cloth reek of retro goodness it also pairs my love of corn dogs and Carmel apples (never in that order, not since the state fair of 98) and features the cutest version of the two all dolled up and proclaiming their "Careless love".

I also really love this Saffrom Universal art filled planner, from
An Artful Agenda
It features hand-drawn images and lettering on each page. I love the free form that allows you to feel like your writing in a journal that someone has already kindly illustrated for you.

Hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year! May this one be even better.


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I am so feeling the luv...

I'm pleased as punch to announce that fabric napkins from Moxie Madness were chosen to be featured in's Holiday Gift Guide Woot!

Making their debut are the latest design from the shop , The Switchblade Silverware Set. Which started as a joke between Andy and I. I pressed a few for us and decided we might not be the only ones with a little dinner time argo.

I also received some love from one of the sweetest girls on the east coast, my new pal Darcy Danger. She sent me not one but two of the cutest mini notebooks from the The Black Apple.

I have been coveting these lovelies for ages now and after coming clean to DD that I have a collection of journals that I'm scared to "ruin" with my serial killerish handwriting, she sent them my way and I'm SO very grateful. Not only do they have uber cool graphics, but also a sweet little poem on the back about how important it is to fill up your notebooks. Something that I'm slowly learning to do. Thanks for the lesson Darcy and happy Tuesday all!