Friday, November 2, 2007

Love Letters, Sprockets and Scooters....

These are a few of my favorite things...

Since last night's post was eaten by my blog or I might have hastely pressed delete by mistake, which one the world may never know. I'm reposting about the latest goings on in the land of madness. I've been super busy these past few days making new stuff or re making old favorites. New in ye old shoppe are.....

Scooter Rally Sprocket Tote bags: I coupled two of my favorites to create this cutie, the clock work sprocket and the scooter rally designs which really work well together (T-Shirts are coming soon).

The Messenger cards are also new and I'm quite smitten with them. Taken from a drawing by my talented friend Parker, I decided these might just make the cutest little cards to scribble a note to your loved ones. What with the out streathed hand delivering a love letter across the front of the textured folding cards. I used my spiffy gold ink on these and I love how it sparkles!

I also whipped up some new gadget cozies in dark sturdy denim that was printed with the clock work sprocket design in sliver ink (how I love the sparkles lately!)and those will be in the shop later. Whew! I told you I was busy, and I"m not done yet! Monday's shop update should be a dozey. I'm full steam ahead as I've finally gone part time at my day job and can in turn make more stuff and boy howdy does that feel good.

Good Day to you all and may you have lovely weekends!

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