Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Kinda Slackin

I've been sorta slackin with my blog, Thanksgiving had a big part to do with it but so did all the amazing new goods I've been cooking up for the Christmas Season!

Feast your eyes on the new Carpe Noctum Print that is now avaliable!

This is a print of an orginal watercolor painting by my talented friend Parker. I love this sweet little owl and how he's dressed to the nines. The colors are so warm and rich in real life. Parker dosn't like to name his painting so gave me the honors, Carpe Noctum is Latin for Seize the Night and I thought it to be wildly approriate.

I also pressed some new Sew a Go-Go Raglans in Burgundy and Pink. I'm really digging the pink and burgundy together, it's a surprisnly nice contrast. More colors to follow.

Also, new mixtape tees for the ladies! It occured to me that I haven't made any of these for women in a while and well isn't that reason enough?!

So that's it for now, but I'll share the other new goods that are going to be listed later this week. Plenty of bags, tags and wares for the wee one.

Happy Wedsday everyone!


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