Monday, August 2, 2010

Head Over Wheels

Hiatus might be the wrong word to use for the super long break I've had from blogging, but I'm back and head over wheels in love!! With roller derby that is.

I recently joined the newly formed leauge in my town (The McLean County Missfits)I finally decided on the derby name "9 Milly" after countless weeks of diliberating and am so excited/borderlined obbessed it's not even funny. I think if I could figure out how to sew in my skates I would, but in the mean time I'll settle for screen printing in them.

It's a wonderful release and a killer workout, but has done nothing to curb my sock obbession. Of course I have used derby as a valid excuse to hit up my most fav sock site Sock Dreams. I adore these nerd socks and of course the crafty socks are already tucked in my sock drawer. And by "tucked" I mean crammed, as the afore mentioned sock obbession is visablily taking it's toll. They seem to be having a sale over at SD soooo many cute socks and only these 2 feet. Sigh.

Speaking of sales, this week most of the limited edtion clothes in the shop will be on sale for $18 or $20 to make room for new fall designs.

Happy Monday all!