Monday, December 1, 2008

When inspiration is sought

Wow, quite a hiatus from the blog. No other reason then pure laziness I suppose. Creative ruts always hit me in the winter and this year is no exception. I've been trying different things to get my creative juices a flowin. Early afternoon strolls are becoming a favorite of mine (even more so now that it's snowing as I type) I finally got around to snapping a few shots of these colorful houses that dot my neighborhood and always make me smile. Ang and I are always try and figure out if the owners are in some kind of not so secret alliance to spread cheer, and if so where can I sign up?
I've also been thinking of picking up Keri Smith's Wreck This Journal I love the idea of destroying something that usually becomes very valuable to most of us, the way journals tend to do. I don't know how many beautiful journals I have sitting on my shelf unfinished because I'm scared of "ruining" them. I've really been enjoying the WTJ Flickr Gallery as well. People are doing some amazing things with this book. Which of course fills me with (dis)illusions of grandeur, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

P.S. Can you believe it's December already? Seriously?