Monday, May 13, 2013

Questionable love affair

So I just may or may not be having a love affair with the great outdoors this year. That may seem like a weird thing for those of you spending your weekends on sun soaked adventures camping, rock climbing, and/or kayaking away (see I really have no clue what goes on out there). I'll rock a porch chair and glass of iced tea like no other, but that's it really, or rather that was it.

Now I can't seem to stay inside, especially around meal times. So I wanted to share some of my fav outdoor eating finds.
This Kissing Bunnies picnic blanket pictured above was too cute not to share, and since we all know that balancing a paper plate on your lap via a lawn chair is way over rated, this spread is perfect for nibbling outside.

This cheery little tiffin lunch pail stopped me dead in my tracks, with it's bento styled shape and bright colors. I've always loved the idea of these stackable lunchboxes, that keep everything separate and in their place. This little guy makes transporting my fruits, salads and sandwiches or anything else I wish drama free. Anyhoo, happy picnic'n my lovelies!



Sonya Kanelstrand said...

You may or may not have a love affair with the great outdoors but those bunnies made me smile. I love taking my bunny to the beach, I wonder how he will look on this picnic blanket :-)

Anonymous said...

I love the items you showed. We are a big outdoor family, but I must admit, with the right accessories, outdoors are even better.

Priscilla Sims said...

Sonya, I have a feeling you and your beach bunny would look adorable on that picnic blanket. I'm smitten with bunnies and hope to have one soon.

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