Monday, June 8, 2009

Weekend Finds

I found lots of things this weekend, and yes my way back to my blog was one of them. I've had a rather lengthy absence due to newly found lower back issues and well, life in general.
Turns out, nothing gets grand ideas in your head quite like being not being able to do any of said ideas or even move on your own for days on end. This has been the first weekend I was able to do weekendy things like thrifting and flower picking and finally planting my dill and cilantro seedlings and best of all not smelling like minty back ointment. One of the most noteworthy of finds this weekend has to the Anscovision memory master 8mm projector that we found at a new thrift store down the street for $5! Note the tags are still on it. I love the sound this baby makes, I swear it pur's.
I image this is how the men folk must feel when they hear a vintage car revving up. Ang and I are going to have lots of fun with this. Not only is it an excuse to pick up that Super 8 camera I've been eyeing (all I needed was a reason) but Ang has already found some old horror movie reels for projecting on walls when such a need arises. I also found a new love for cloth napkins and have been sewing more then the two of us could ever use, so a few printed pairs may be coming to the shop soon. You no doubt will hear more of this later, consider yourselves forewarned.



Hampton House said...

Sounds like there is alot of fun in your future! Enjoy1

Kate8085 said...

What a killer find!

Tara said...

Cloth napkins are the best, and I find when I'm stuck with a project I can stop and make some napkins until I get back into the mode!

SumpinElse said...

Fantastic find of the week--wish I had an award to give you! Glad to hear you are feeling better.

kim* said...

you look mighty busy :) thrift shop finds *drools*