Monday, October 22, 2012

Zombie Fest

It's that time of year again. Days are shorter, nights are longer and zombies are everywhere! Halloween is by far me and Bruno's favorite holiday and we usually celebrate for weeks leading up to the big day. Has anyone heard of or better yet actually done the Run For Your Lives 5K?
It pairs my love of 5k's and zombies, I mean what could be better? Bruno and I have wanted to participate in one of these since finding out they existed last year, but always miss the date in our area. I've been looking for a nice test run of my zombie escape plan, to work out any kinks.
So this year me and a few of my derby girl friends settled for our local Zombie Walk. I was shooting for a Mary Tyler Gore look, but looking back I realize now it was more like Scary Poppins. It as miserably cold but fun to get all cutesy in a "Oh, are my brains are showing" kinda way.
To wrap up the month nicely our Vegan Zombie Towels are just $8


ChatterBlossom said...

I've heard of this run and thought it was awesome! And Mary Tyler Gore is genius!
Found you through Etsy success and am your newest follower!

KAB said...

I nominate you! Go, copy, paste, write, network!

Az Life and Style said...

Lovely blog! I am a follower from Etsy. Please feel free to visit and follow my blog as well:

Thank you,

Ali :)