Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I haven't owned a cape since I was 8

And at 32 I'm having a bit of a issue with that. This cooler weather means one of my favorite things, baking? Sure. What I really mean is the understated charm that is dressing in layers. Esspecially when a unexpected pop of color is thrown in.

These four are my top contenders. If anyone knows of any other cutesy capes please feel free to share. I'm off to press a few of these guys on some tops I just finished for the Shop.

Pictures coming soon. Cheers my lovlies, X.O. -M.M.


Evie's Tool Emporium said...

I have only ever owned one cape! I remember sewing it without my mother's help! It turned out pretty well! Way back then I was a fashion statement!

Moxie said...

Love it Evie! With a cape that special I could see why you wouldn't want another. :)

Isobel said...

When I went to boarding school in the 1950's, part of the school uniform was a cape (pics of Victorian nurse's outdoor clothing is a good illustration!) The material was very scratchy next to one's skin, but it was warm - and went everywhere with one during a school day (and in winter was an extra blanket - we didn't have central heating in my day!) I kept it when I left school, used it as an overcoat when going to balls (kept my shoulders warm over the long skirts and sleeves!) and it eventually was "inherited" by eldest daughter, who only sent it to the dump a couple of years ago! Just shows, well-made capes, can last a long time (and tell a good story or two, as well!)

Moxie said...

Isobel, What a great story your cape had! :) The victorian nurses capes were excatly what came to mind when I started my search.