Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Celebration Sale and Darling New Duds

Just a quick post to announce the celebration sale going on over at the Shop.

*All kitchen towels are now $6.50.
*Most limited edition clothing is $20.00.
*Most T-Shirts are now $18.00.
I decided against doing a different sale everyday and just went with 3 deals that will run all week.

There's also a few new styles coming this week which are included in the aforementioned sale. Words can't express just how I feel about this lovely yellow ditty.
There's also a pink version that I'm equally speechless over.

Happy shopping lovelies and have a great Tuesday!


Felix and Jayne said...

cute shirt! good luck on your sale!

EVA said...

I do love frillies and capped sleeves. so feminine looking.