Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Protector

Just a quick post to show off the newest design in the land of madness "The Protector". My homage to the remarkable art of sewing by hand.

The tunics are now avaliable in the Shop with T-Shirts soon to follow. This is the first design in a new line called "The Sewing Circle". I have a real soft spot for thimbles, they recall memories of my grandma's sewing basket and of her fretting when her tiny protector went missing. This designs for her and I'm oh so fond of it and hope you are too.




T.Allen-Mercado said...

Oh I love it. I'm such a poor seamstress, but I think I'm allowed to be a poseur in this instance...I may just NEED one of those tunics!

Alicia Istanbul said...

That's awesome, and unmistakeably a thimble. Love it. It's sure to get the wearer lots of compliments.

Kate8085 said...

Very, very cool (as usual!!).
Looks great and I love the story behind it!

TheNikiProject said...

Hahaha! This goes to show that even sewing can be stylish. :-P I don't sew myself but I may be tempted to get one of those anyways. It's just so... odd. Lol!