Thursday, October 9, 2008

Am I the last one to know?

So many times I feel like I'm the last to know about anything, but I especially feel that way about these two ditty's that were dropped in my lap recently. A dear friend of mine recently gave me a Tom Waits album to listen to, and although I had heard of him before I never gave him the chance he so well deserved.

I reluctantly put it on and was instantly induced into a creepy nursery rhymish trance. The mystery and theatric graveness of the album is superior to anything I own. Before I even knew it was originally written for Kathleen Brennan's opera Alice, I thought how it was perfectly suited to be an opera it would be. My favorite tracks are "Everything you can think of is true", the gruff voice paired with whimsical imagery is insanely awesome. I highly recommend this album, in case I'm not really the last one to know.

So the other thing I should have known about is "The Other Boleyn Girl" which I only rented for the magnificent costume eye candy, but got oh so much more from this baby. Even more then my beloved Lifetime movies have ever dared to give. The story follows Anne Boleyn's sister Mary who in order to advance her family's interest reluctantly abandons her husband to become the kings mistress and bears him 2 children. Anne driven to be queen, encourages the king to abandon Mary and his wife queen Catherine. Chaos then ensues. Seriously if your the other person who hasn't seen it yet, do it! If only for the costumes, swanky dialogue or scandal after scandal!

Happy Thursday,



kim* said...

i think you waited for a time to truley appreciate it. i was given a Men In Fur cd by an ex member of the snowfairies, which i LOVE. I listen to men in fur alot but i never truely loved it till yesterday. i totally know how you feel/

Kylie B said...

I have never heard of him b4!

Moxie said...

kim, I like the idea of that. Falling in love with something that's right under your nose is the whole time.

Kylie b, Check him out, for reals.

Mixed Species said...

Dude, love Tom Waits! Make me want to smoke again and drink more. Have to try the movie.

everything ok! said...

tom waits is the bestest EVER.

that said, i've been putting off seeing the other boleyn girl, as i'm way too much of an expert on that period of history and the lives of the people in it that films about it either make me wonderfully happy or horribly disappointed. (and i can usually tell you when, say, somebody's wearing a costume that didn't come into fashion for another ten years, etc.)

also, it's funny that you should write of tom waits and a scarlett johanssen film in the same blog... have you heard her album of mostly tom waits covers? i wasn't terribly taken with it, but given that i'm such a fan of the original, and it always bugs me how much people like ms. johanssen when i really can't see the big deal about her (i guess it's because she's blonde and has aspirations of being the thinking-man's celebrity crush? if you're going to listen to recent recordings by attractive actresses, i reckon that she & him, zooey deschanel's album with m. ward, is largely light-years more interesting. but i digress.)

Teresa said...

Saw The Other Boleyn Girl about a gazillion times while stuck in an airplane for a 12 hour flight. It's a really interesting movie. Made the flight bearable. Hehehe! :)

Teresa said...

Speaking of giving an album a chance, I finally gave Band of Horses a chance and I'm in love! They're pretty good!

Sayo said...

I really wanted to see that when it was in theaters... but I didn't and then I forgot. Thanks for reminding me! I'll be sure to add that to the netflix cue!

Anonymous said...

i guess i'm that other person who needs to see The Other Boleyn've convinced me!

Great blog! Thanks for visiting mine :)


Mixed Species said...

Tom Waits is one of the old dudes we want to be when we grow up! The dude CRUSHES!!!

-the Mixed Species guys-

Jeff C said...

Hey Moxie,

I really like your blog. Tom Waits is actually why I upgraded my stereo speakers.

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Voting ends at 5 p.m. this Friday, 10/17, so if you could - PLEASE spread the word!

Thanks - I really really appreciate it. Have a great rest of the week, and you should check out the whole "Boleyn" series of books sometime. The guy's a master.

Jeff Corriveau

Moxie said...

Right on Mixed Species, I've noticed I get mighty thirsty when he's playing.

Diane, hope you like it!

Everything ok, I had no clue about the Scarlet Johanssen album, something tells me had better pass on that. I have been hearing wonderful things about she and him, so I'll have to give it a listen.

Nicole R.J. said...

If you like the movie, I highly recommend the book the "Other Boleyn Girl" (and any of Philippa Gregory's royal novels) so much better than the film!