Thursday, August 28, 2008

2 for 20 Sale and finished business...

Just a quick post to let you all in on the onesie sale I'm having in ye old shop. Selected onesies are 2 for $20 for the next week or so. There are limited quanities so if there's a design you've been eyeing for your little one now's the perfect time to knab it.

Also it occured to me that I never showed off my finished ray gun tattoo (that has been done for quite a while now) I really love how it turned out, it's by far one of my favorites. I can't decide if it's the colors or just Parkers awesome handi work. Well that's it for now, I'm preparing for the Christmas season which is why I've been so scarce here. But vow by the powers of gray skull to update my beloved blog more and more often.


iamchanelle said...

just thought i would say hey on my way over here from etsy....your cassette tape onesie totally caught my eye, and then your fun profile writeup, and seem pretty awesome! ;)
great screen prints in your shop, yo. i really love the tree top tunic.
have a great week! cheers!

Moxie said...

Hi ya Chanelle! Thanks so much, I'm so glad you posted as I've taken a gander at your amazing blog Make Food Eat Food and can't wait to see what your "cooking" up next. BTW great images on flickr!


Pretty Fun said...

Your tattoo is super cool

Aimee said...
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dwm said...

if i saw you on the street we could play laser tag.