Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Mixing it up

After the long weekend things are just getting back to whatever's considered normal here in the land of madness. I didn't manage to ignore things completely this weekend as I had hoped, but some great things were made. I finally got around to making a few of these wall plaques that I've had in my head for quite sometime. This one is for us, but I plan on added some to the shop in the next week or so.

I also made my way to a fabulous flea market that was going on for the holiday and I scored some wonderful finds including this old hand mixer. Which reminds me of a miniature version I had as a kid that I would play with whenever I went to my grandmas. I'm planning on hanging putting it in a shadow box and hanging it in the kitchen. More on the other fab finds later, happy Tuesday all!



Karley said...

i love that plaque!!

Anonymous said...

Great idea with the beaters! (: That's going to look really cool.

SewMuchDetail said...

Your Etsy shop is sew cool!! Wow you have done awesome too!!

Octavine Illustration said...

wonderful new creation. love the old egg beater as well. i have one and don't use it much but i love to play with it!~

::::Lula Boutique:::: said...

That is such a clever idea for art! I love going to flea markets and yard sailing too!