Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The good ones

Are oh so hard to find. This is proving true with my quest to revamp my living and working spaces. Now that I'm spending more time at home, I'm noticing that what was working for me just a few years ago isn't really sealing the deal anymore. Of course finding insanely awesome artwork via Etsy was simple.
Sour Octopus offers one of my favorites, I LOVE One-eyed Marge!

Sour Octopus offers one of my favorites, I LOVE One-eyed Marge!

I also really love this Pee Wee Herman Print by almost famous.
I could seriously go on all day with the rad ass prints in my favorites, but another day perhaps.
So as you can see I have the artwork covered, I even managed to secure a spectacular modern red sofa that I really had to pinch myself over. There are even hopeful prospects of a lovely vintage steel desk that is in amazing condition will likely be in my grasps. But the most eluding part has to be chairs, now maybe I'm a tad picky but I know what I want and the chair gods are not smiling upon me. If anyone can point me in the direction of a green leather retro looking office chair with a swivel, sort of like the one in the overstock.com commerical (but of course they don't seem to have any remotely resembling it) I've also got my eyes open for a gray/light blue techno chair. Or if you know of any nice modish sites for furniture give me a holla.

So until the next time, I'm looking in a new direction, and hoping that the good ones are not far away.

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Paper Girl Productions said...

ooo that one eyed Marge looks awesome!