Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Cute and little

Are two words that will automatically kill any sort of "compliment" that someone makes about your business. I'm not denying my goods are cute, and I'm certainly not the star bucks of screen printing (and never would want to be). My life is full of well wishers who are curious about what I do even if they don't "get it" themselves. I've always had a hard time describing what it is that I do, it's often rambled and met with blank stares. It's really hard for people to belive that people are willing to fork over their hard earned money for my "cute little" goods. They think it's crazy that I'm earning a living that doesn't involve a gray cubiclue and a paycheck from the man every two weeks. Heck it was hard for me to belive it when I first started, but I know better now and work hard at making this my full time gig. I remember the first time I handed out a business card to a co-worker and they thought it was so cute that I had business cards. Hello!?! I run a business, sometimes I think they're expecting a piece of construction paper with glitter and my name spelled out crookedly in crayon. Now that would be "cute".


theVintageZoo said...

you rock and i heart you.... i SO overuse the word cute. man, i'm going to think twice about that now! ;-)

but YOU ARE cute! is that okay to say??? hee

so glad i found your blog. going to add you to my links if that's okay!!

Tanya said...


Your work rocks though. I would substitute the word "cute" with BADASS! I found you on etsy and discovered that you live like 1.5 hours away from me. I'm from Galesburg. I'll definitely keep an eye on your blog.

Moxie said...

Aww thanks thevintagezoo I loooove your blog! And of course it's fine when you call me cute! I can tell you mean it. :)

Thanks Tanya! Ditto! :)

thunder theft said...

i love your blog and your etsy shop. adding you to my blog links as well as my personal favorites list. (

this post rocks. i think you do a great job of carefully walking the crafty/business line. as a banker, i applaud your attitude - as a crafter, i admire your skill.