Monday, February 2, 2009

Because the last thing I need...

Is yet another coffee mug. Despite the fact that I'm that girl who religiously drinks her coffee or tea from the same mug everyday, I've acquired quite a collection of awesome coffee mugs. When my favorite cup breaks (cause when your uber clumsy like me you know they're gonna) I choose a new favorite from my collection and the saga continues. Even if I hadn't broke my coffee cup this morning I'd still want these babies sitting on my shelf.

The Pessimist's Mug is perfect when I'm in my negative Nadine coffee swigging moods.

THIS baby is the winner and will soon be residing on my kitchen shelf awaiting the next mug's demise. How could I say no to such a tough cup of joe (please excuse the lame rhyme)

I also came across this design of a zoom lens and thought it was pretty fun and kinda wished it were available.

Just wanted to show off my fun finds and give my blog some love as I've been quite bad about it lately. There are new 2 color designs coming to the shop as soon has I can get some decent pictures. Happy Tuesday all!

Drink lot's o coffee!!! Unless you don't wanna.