Monday, June 30, 2008

Gotta Have

So how badly do I want this White Stripes special edition lomo camera? Maybe a litte two badly, if you ask Andy.
I'm mildly obbessed with photography and vintage cameras and I've been putting off getting a lomo for quite sometime. Since Lomo has quite the reputation of releasing cool ass cameras that go straight to the top of my lenghty "got to have" list, I usually wait it out to see if I really gotta have it. If I didn't I would have a shelf of them already, straight up.

So I'm thinking it's a good thing I held out. I haven't been able to get this beauty out of my head since I first saw it a few months ago. I just keep picturing that peppermint that's printed on the advance dial. Not only is this a pairing of two of my favorite things (cameras and the white stripes) but this model called the Meg Diana offers a removable pinhole lens, a panorama feature and a peppermint film mask filter. Oh the possibilities!

Aside from scouting out the goods on my gotta have list, I've been pressing a magnitude of the mix tape patches. I've been out of them for ages and missed them a bit. So in case any of you missed them too there are a few new sets coming to my shop, including large mix tape and brassies back patches. Hope everyone's monday is off to a good start. I'm off brainstorm with Andy about turtle terttierium ideas.

Laters gators,


Sunday, June 29, 2008

Dear Sunday,

How I love you and hate to see you go so soon.

Thanks for giving me the time I need that the rest of the week just won't allow. You allow me to tumble out of bed at my leisure and I never feel guilty for however much coffee I may consume or how long it takes me to read the paper. Sunday, your the best time ever to go to the record shop and peruse endlessly and Andy and I are never disappointed when we leave the thrift empty handed. Unlike your dreaded counterpart Monday, you fill me with illusions of grandeur for all the things I might get done. Like getting a half assed start in on hanging the oodles of artwork I have horded away.

Or day dreaming about these amazing tea sets from Misiak (I really love the aqua one) who makes old teapots new again, and you can see these amazing dittys have a very colorful past. I would defiantly have more Sunday tea parties with these. Well, my sweet. It's almost time to bid you ado, Andy are preparing to watch movies, order take out and be as consistently lazy as we've been all day. Until we meet again, dear Sunday. See ya in six days.

Lovingly yours,